Nagarhole, I have heard a lot about this place and I always wanted to visit and finally we decided to. It was a 4 day trip.. first 2 days we spent in Wayanad and from there we went to Nagarhole. Almost a month before we planned our itinerary. We figured out some best places to stay in Wayanad and Nagarhole. When I searched for homestays in Nagarhole, I realised kutta is the closest town to the forest. Then i found couple of homestays in Kutta, both the homestays were pretty cool, traditional and cheap. Spoke to both the homestays and I told them we will be there only after 3 weeks. Then in few hotel review websites I came to know that one of our choice was bad in services so decided to go with Narikadi estates, I called up the number and spoke to Mr.Cariappa and he redirected us to his soon Monish Cariappa.

Monish explained everything so well which really helped us to plan our days well. He arranged a Jeep to pick us up from Wayanad, Kalpetta to Kutta, Nagarhole. We reached Kutta by 2 pm immediately we left for the forest safari. We took the forest safari bus which can accommodate upto 20 – 25 members. As it was a Sunday there were many visitors and people were making hella lotta noice as anticipated we couldn’t spot any wildlife. But we don’t wanna give up so we asked our driver to take us thru the Mysore road upto the other end of the Jungle. We started by 5 pm and we drove at an avg speed of 20 – 30 kmph after few kms we spotted 2 elephants. This is my first Jungle trip and I had lot of expectations but we spotted only 2 elephants lil disappointed.. :(

We visited the elephant camp which is in the middle of the Jungle, we stopped the jeep and we saw how they train the elephant etc., Our jeep driver was bugging us because it was 6.15 he said they will not allow any vehicles after 6.30 so he was rushing towards the gate but we asked him to slow down the vehicle, as we insisted again and again he has to listen to us :D it was 6.45 and it was pitch dark, pin drop silence and we were keenly looking out in the dark to spot some wildlife but we spotted only spotted deers :( .. all of a sudden our jeep driver stopped the vehicle and we spotted a herd of Indian Gaurs (so called bisons) crossing the road. Finally we were happy to spot some of these Gaurs… we reached the gate by 7pm and the forest guards questioned why we are late and our local jeep driver convinced the guards and they let us to pass the gate. We reached Kutta town by 7.30 pm, the town was almost quiet only few shops were open. We picked some beers and liqours and we reached by Narikadi estates by 8pm.

I don’t know where they got this cook, she made us some lovely fried chicken pieces for us, which gave a real good company for our liquor. Mr.Cariappa came and asked how was our trip, he was so kind to us. He spent some time with us to know more about us and we had a great party, camp fire was arranged by Monish, altogether it was lovely. Dinner was served by 10 pm, she made us some lovely rice with chicken, mutton etc., Awesome food it was. Never expected sucha lovely food. The house was clean and traditional.. a typical kerala type house. Day one ended nicely.

We got up by 7 am the next morning, we went for a walk in the mist and we were back by 8 am. Once again our cook has made some lovely breakfast, south Indian food + some Karnataka food. Irpu falls was just few kms away from Narikadi estates. We went to Irpu and we had a good time in the falls and we reached Narikadi by 2 pm. Once again a great “Surprise” for us, a lovely lunch.. a multi cuisine food was ready for us.. after the lunch again we packed our bags.. and we left to Mysore..

On the whole a lovely place to stay. Narikadi estates… “The best home stay in Nagarhole”